Friday, 2 September 2016

An Introduction and a Starting Point

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” - Arthur Schopenhauer

This blog is written out of necessity. It is neither reactionary nor revolutionary. It is meant to be a reminder. It is meant not to enlighten, but to jog the memory. It is not rhetorical, for as the reader will see it needs little argument. It is meant to be a review of that which makes us human.

The person reading this blog should be someone who sees something wrong in most things to do with the modern world. They are someone whose peers would describe as a skeptic, a contrarian, or even a 'devil'. They find themselves in opposition to most commonly held opinions of the modern masses; instead they find their moral and even some cultural/everyday norms being placed not in today's times but the traditions of Ancient Rome or the Medieval Age. They are someone who wants to see the people of the world accelerate for the better – not through the lie of progression, the breaking of social taboos or the self-fulfillment of capitalism, but through a reclamation of values.

Despite all this, the reader should also not be someone who thinks themselves better or worse than their fellow countrymen. They should not be someone who inherits the ideas of their teachers and peers but instead makes the most objective possible decisions for themselves – for this they will find themselves shunned should they speak too loudly on it, or jailed if they truly reveal themselves. They should not be someone who disrespects the material foundations laid upon this world by science – but at the same time is skeptical of the hegemonic lordship of Science over knowledge, both in its esoterica and sheer physical unavailability. Finally, this blog must be read by someone who recognizes the strength and nobility of the Eagle, and realizes he is no different from it. This is a Statesman's manual. It is not a thing for the disturber, the agitator, the subverter or the revolutionary. The ideas laid out here are deemed to be based in natural law, that which has and always will be true, and of the direct providence of nature. Here I present the politic as body; the reader as a white blood cell forming from the abyss to be harnessed by the will of these words, and of nature itself. A sense of purpose will be instilled that has transcended all before it – the true desire for peace. It will protect the body and defend it from disease in all forms.

The title of this blog refers to our maxim and purpose in life: to establish a philosophy for the autonomy and sovereignty of every nation and race on Earth, with the will to march forward and maintain the environment at all costs. The man for all time is the man who is willing to put himself at the forefront of this movement. It is not meant to be a sheer reaction to the problems the modern world presents us. The ignition of nobility shall be apparent in the heart, mind and soul of the man who takes upon himself the preservation of his tradition and race, for he has in this realization melded the purpose of his lower, subconscious and conscious selves – perhaps even transcending these states to become something of a Hero.

The reader should take pride herein these pages, for he will find that which he has known all along to be revealed true. These words are eternally humming, reverberating in the very spirit of the reader himself. Do not be convinced or swayed by anything said here. If you are a person of logic and reason, these ideas will reverberate within your very soul and need no flowery language or lengthy reasoning to be accepted as the truth.

As I said, I intend this blog to be a manual. Take from it and apply it to your life. It will allow you to be free.

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